Web Presense

How To Let Others Know You Exist Online

Creating a website isn’t your only option.  There are many parts of your web presence and some can stand on their own.

E- Commerce – Do you want to accept money through your website?  Are you building an online store?

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. – These are powerful tools that can drive business to your website as they have inherent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built into them.

Donation Pages – Are you a non-profit?  Do you have 501(c)3 certification?  If so, it would be nice to receive donations and provide donators with receipt for their tax purposes.  Maybe you have a website and a Go-Fund-Me page and want to link the two together.

Events – Do you want to create an event and advertise it?  You can add geo-location maps that allow you guests to find your event.  You can sell tickets yourself on your website or use third party services.  You can even ask guests to give you pictures that they may have taken to add to the page so that you can create a party collage.

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