I have spent some time in some small business forums and have come to the idea that whenever a small business creates a post that they are thinking about creating a website two things happen every time. One is that the group member never gives enough information about what they want to do. This is… Continue reading Honesty

Charity Scams

Now is a time to be concerned about scams involving charities. Hackers contact people randomly asking for money to aid those of us hit hard by these trying times. Do not be fooled. Do not donate to anyone contacting you. Simply say that you have already donated whether you have or not. If you do… Continue reading Charity Scams

SEO is What We Do

We are coming back. I first started Fluid Web Concepts LLC as a means to make money when I first graduated. I started with a few clients and a thirst for knowledge. The problem in Milwaukee is that we do not have enough people who know how to get things done. We have people who… Continue reading SEO is What We Do

Pourinc.co is improving!

We are excited to be working with Pour Inc at pourinc.co   Pour Inc is a Mobile Event Bartender service focusing on providing service for all of your event bar tending needs so that you can focus on fun. Host a house party, wedding reception, or corporate venue and and engage with your guest while… Continue reading Pourinc.co is improving!

Online A-La-Carte

Why pay for what you don’t want?   Most website development companies want you to buy a package deal website.  A website has many parts and many of those parts you don’t need. If you are just starting up a business, own a restaurant, or want to promote an event, you don’t need every part… Continue reading Online A-La-Carte

Happy Technology Day

Thermal control circuit.

Image of temperature measuring circuit.     Every morning I try to use the Amazon Echo that our realtor gave us as a house warming gift. “Alexa, Good Morning” This phrase will give you a short detail of the day.  This morning was technology day with a joke. “How many IT technicians does it take… Continue reading Happy Technology Day

The problem with perfect

The problem with perfect is that it never happens(period). There is always room for updates, maintenance, and improvement. Think of your web presence as a machine that has to be maintained. That is what it is. You can add parts to your machine. We can add forms for your clients to populate their data. We… Continue reading The problem with perfect