I have spent some time in some small business forums and have come to the idea that whenever a small business creates a post that they are thinking about creating a website two things happen every time.

One is that the group member never gives enough information about what they want to do. This is obviously due to the fact that they do not know what they need and have not done enough research. They often can’t do enough research. These poor people have no idea what they need and are swamped with other business decisions and research. They need honest answers. They also need honest developers to tell them what they need, but that requires a conversation with someone who can speak like them and like developers.

The second thing that always happens is that they are overwhelmed by developers desperate for work. The good are blended in with the bad and the group member looking for a website is often over whelmed again. This is why I rarely offer services in forums. I offer advice. I praise the developers that I think are offering for the best interest of the client and I give advice to better the developers who should not offer services at all. My goal is to be honest and give the best advice to the client, even if the client does not work for me.

So why do I spend my time doing this? There is a better way to waste the day. I want to show people that I am honest. I will not up sell you. I will tell you what you should do and I will tell you what can wait and what can not. My goal is to simply work with the best freelancers doing what they are best at for as many clients as possible. I want to get clients quality projects and keep developers busier. I want to get to a point where I can even build up others developers into great developers. I want to climb high enough to reach my hand back and bring someone else up.

This idea that I have takes clients. Getting clients takes time, but it also takes honesty.

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