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Why pay for what you don’t want?


Most website development companies want you to buy a package deal website.  A website has many parts and many of those parts you don’t need.

If you are just starting up a business, own a restaurant, or want to promote an event, you don’t need every part of a website.


For a restaurant, you need a responsive page that looks great on a computer, phone, or laptop.  You need to be search engine optimization, only to the point that if someone googles restaurants on their phone, that you come up as an option.  You may need some photography, and a specials list on the website, and social media, but you do not need monthly SEO updates or constant changes to your website.


Starting a business, why choke yourself with debt.  Get what you need.


Have a website already but it needs to some serious updating?  Why pay more?  Have a consultation of what you really need.

    • Add some responsive design
    • Add some programming functionality
    • Add animations
    • Update the look


Have an event, why pay more for a short term project.


Get what you need.  Then get what you want.

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