Your website

…is the central piece of a system that uses the most user driven marketing ever. Your website is where your customers come to know everything about your company. It is the hub, where people can come and be connected to your social media, online store, information, company information, ideas, dreams, and view of the world. That picture you took, that is you, it is your perspective. Your website is in the middle of all of it. That is why we call the amount of people looking at your website “traffic.” Just like any other high traffic place it has to be functional, pretty, and be maintained.

With new technologies, nearly anyone can create a website. Some people don’t have the time. Some people want it running as soon as possible, because, after all, time is money. Some people have DIY websites and want those websites to be optimized. That is what we exist to do.

We are web presence specialists. We build websites, add or operate social media, construct online stores, improve SEO, and analyze your progress.

A website is built of many pieces.

Content – Written in HTML, this is what you want your clients or customers to know.

Style – Written in CSS, this is everything from where content ends up on a page to what color your font is.  It includes pictures, styles, and size.

Images – A picture is worth a thousand words, but only takes up the room of less than a hundred.

SEO – Search engine optimization is crucial and a constant endeavor.  Do you really want to end up on page three when someone looks for your services on Google?

Hosting – You want to have your website on a computer that doesn’t go down and is constantly on.

Domain Name – Your website is at a location made with a number.  A domain name is just an easier thing to remember connected with that number.  You want to pick a good one and we can help.

Logo – Optional – Encouraged – Chances are, you already have one.  Let us add it to your website.

CMS – Content Management System – Optional – Recommended – A CMS controls everything for you so that everything looks nice all the time.